Interesting Hacker News Comments Feed

Follow everything written by interesting people.

This web app uses Algolia's HN API as well as the official FireBase API to create an Atom/RSS feed of all the comments by these people, including useful links and the text of the parent comment.

How to subscribe

Add this feed to your favourite feed reader. However, in order to save my tiny server and the HN APIs, I suggest using Feedly, which will share polling between many users.

Included commenters

I've found that all of these people consistently write high-quality Hacker News comments. They're also all experts at one thing or another. You can think of this feed as subscribing to their mini-blogs.

Custom Feeds

If you don't like my user set, you can email me to suggest changes or additions at [email protected], or you can use a custom user list.

You can use a custom subscription URL to subscribe to exactly the users you want, like this:,pcwalton,patio11

If too many people do this though, I'll probably either overload my server or get rate limited by the APIs since I can't cache these. This would cause me to cease offering this service publicly, which would be sad. Instead, consider using the default feed, or hosting your own instance using the source.

Who made this?

I'm Tristan Hume and I made this with Ruby and Sinatra. The source is on Github.